Veneers are are popular tool used in cosmetic dentistry to hide discolored, stained, chipped or slightly malaligned teeth and are used to treat front teeth that are otherwise healthy. Made from dental porcelain and shade matched to create a natural appearance, they're attached to the front surface of the tooth. The technique is very similar to the placing of a false finger nail but provides a simple and effective way of improving your smile without much preparation of the underlying tooth.


Look and see how several of our clients have had their smiles restored!

Sue has small teeth and a wide smile. With veneers, you can eliminate the gaps and whiten the teeth.

Mark is a big, nice-looking guy. Unfortunately, his teeth are too small for his face, leaving gaps that distract from his smile and take-away from his appearance.

Harvey has very nice teeth. Unfortunately, he injured one of his front teeth, causing it to discolor. The dark front tooth and the spacing distract from the image he is trying to project. Veneers can correct these concerns.

Vi has attractive eyes, hair, and skin. Unfortunately, smoking, coffee, and tea have discolored her smile. In addition, she has crowded teeth. You can see how veneers removed years from her appearance.