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In the dental office, all of the modern high-tech equipment and the expertise of a well trained staff still represents only a portion of your overall attention to good dental health. You play the most important role on a daily basis. Good preventive home care, including; brushing and flossing, is where it all begins, and a professional hygiene cleaning appointment and regular oral exam in this office are of vital importance to your continued dental health.

Good oral hygiene can only be accomplished by a cooperative partnership between you, the patient, and the dental team in this office.

Most people should schedule oral hygiene appointments at least twice a year. However, patients with gingivitis, those with fast tartar build up, smokers, and others with special conditions, may require more frequent appointments. An oral hygiene appointment consists of much more than a cleaning. A substantial number of checks and evaluations are included.

Diagnostic Stage

The first part of the appointment is the diagnostic stage. We perform an oral cancer examination, check your teeth for cavities, evaluate your gum tissue, check your bite, examine bridges, dentures, and the like, for unusual wear, and assess the cosmetic appearance of your smile.

Prevention Stage

The second part of the appointment is the prevention stage. We clean and scale the teeth to remove plaque and calculus not removed by home care. We also remove stains on the surface of the teeth. Bridge work and crowns are polished and dentures are cleaned. Frequently, it's necessary to give a fluoride treatment. In some cases there's a need to apply sealants.

Future Planning Stage

The third part of the appointment is the future planning stage. Depending on the problems found in the initial examination, suggested dental treatment is explained. If it is determined that additional home care procedures are needed, they will be explained. And occasionally, special instruments or cleaning products are suggested.

When the appointment is concluded the partnership responsibility shifts to you.

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